About Us

Linda Pasfield

Linda Pasfield is best known for her skill to capture emotion on film and expression in an art form. Linda has had 20 years of experience photographing weddings, portraiture and documentary. She is an award winning photographer and Linda’s career has taken her worldwide, photographing for Olim Aid International, Worship Centre and Cross Rds, and numerous other organisations. Photography is Linda’s passion and “capturing the true feelings on the day, blending creativity and lighting in the right way is a joy”.

Linda says the secret to capturing amazing images is to “read light, direct clients into the right lighting, and making them feel comfortable so that they can be themselves, love your People it breaks the barriers.” Her accolades include the Linda Pasfield Greeting Card range, which was launched all over Australia. Linda’s photography has also been featured in numerous magazines and calendars including, ‘Australian Outback’, ‘Bonnie Babies Foundation’ Calendars, ‘That’s Life’, and has also appeared on Channel Nine’s ‘The Today Show’ and ‘Extra’.

“I love to capture emotion and feeling, I feel this radiates a feeling of depth. I like to be invisible as a photographer, making my clients so comfortable they can be completely themselves. I have spent years photographing children and adults, the secret is to love your subject, it breaks a lot of barriers” – Linda Pasfield.


Anthony Pforr is a third Generation Photographer, he has Photographed Weddings Portraits and Commercial for 20 years. His Grandfather Darcy Pforr is the founding member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. In 1992 Anthony obtained his membership in Wedding Portraiture and Laboratory. Anthony has lectured in Photography in New Zealand and the United States, London and Australia in addition to obtaining a scholarship in Boston to study during 1993. Anthony regards himself as a GP Photographer, meaning he is capable as a photographer, from available lighting to Commercial and Studio requirements. Being taught by the masters, his Father John Pforr and Grandfather Darcy Pforr, the experience Anthony has, is second to none. Anthony has also been trained by Kodak and Fuji in Laboratory, and has numerous certificates and awards.

Linda and Anthony are a husband and wife Team who work together and separately to capture your special day or event. Creativity and experience go hand in hand.


Our Team

Ever heard the expression ‘You can’t buy experience?’ well on this occasion you most certainly can! Contemporary photographer Grant Weston, with more than 500 weddings to his credit, has joined the Linda Pasfield studio team. Grant is a true master at making your wedding as special as you’ve always dreamt. Coupled with his insistence for time management and wealth of knowledge on locations, Grant will capture your wedding day memories beyond your imagination!


Nothing great was ever achieved without passion. An important passion of Donna Green’s life is Photography. She has over 20 years of experience in Portrait and Wedding Photography and has acquired a Diploma in Photography at the Queensland College of Art Brisbane in 1984. She is currently working as a Freelance Photographer with Linda Pasfield Photography.

“I am a Photographer who can answer that question: What were you doing before photography? – nothing, it is all I have done. It is my passion!” – Donna Green.


Torah Pasfield has been mentored and taught by Masters of Photography, Anthony Pforr, Linda Pasfield and Melissa Anderson. Torah’s rapport with people allows her to really connect with clients, her bubbly nature combined with her creative flair allows Torah to capture truly magical moments in wedding and portraiture photography.


Ruth Klugg is a passionate and considerate photographer who has been shooting weddings since 2008. She loves capturing to true emotion of the wedding day and preserve it in a picture. Ruth is currently working as a freelance photographer for Linda Pasfield Photography and with her years of expertise in wedding photography she is a valuable part of the Linda Pasfield team.