Eloping to Tasmania: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever dreamed of escaping and exchanging wedding vows in a quiet, beautiful and romantic ceremony away from the big city?

Curious about sharing your love with your other half in the gorgeous settings of Cradle Mountain, Bruny Island, Lake St Clair or the mountains or Great Oyster Bay?

Then consider treating yourself and your loved one to an elopement in Tasmania. You can enjoy a ceremony while basking in natural earthly beauty, before sipping down a glass of Tassie sparkling wine while overlooking your own coastal retreat, lodge or airBnB.

Below, we’ll outline why you should consider eloping in Tasmania, and also outline some of the most beautiful places to get married in Tasmania that you can consider.

Elope to Tasmania – Why you should do it

Tasmania is Australia’s most perfect place to elope. Featuring kilometre after kilometre of natural beauty, the island is perfect for a quiet, intimate wedding day with your loved ones.

Known for its unique serene atmosphere and unforgettable food & wine experiences, the Tasmanian wilderness has air that is fresh, water that is pure and soil that’s some of the richest in the world.

Eloping to Tassie will allow you to select your own personal location while having a quiet meaningful ceremony with the people who are most important in your life. Typically allowing up to 8 other guests, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t elope to the island beneath the island!

Tasmania is quickly becoming the number #1 destination for both local Aussies and overseas couples to escape and elope.

5 most beautiful locations to elope in Tasmania

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the huge amount of choice you’ll get when visiting the beautiful Tassie.

Some of the best places to elope in Tasmania include the following.

Cradle Mountain

This is one of Tasmania’s most famous places to elope.

With lakes and rainforest to take your breath away, Cradle Mountain is located right among the stunning Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

With fabulous hotels and lodges nearby, Cradle Mountain is the perfect place for you and your closest loved ones to escape.

Lake St Clair

Lake St Clair boasts a magical setting for couples to elope.

Featuring a gorgeously serene atmosphere, Lake St Clair National Park is known to have the deepest freshwater lake in Australia, basking in a wilderness surrounded by glaciers.

The name for Lake St Clair in traditional Aboriginal language is leeawuleena, which means ‘sleeping water’. You’ll understand just what that means when you get there.

The whole area is full of natural wildlife and beautiful flora, providing a perfectly picturesque setting for your intimate ceremony.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a small 362 squared kilometre island off the south-eastern coast of Tassie – and known to be one of the state’s premium island destinations.

Complete with glorious natural beauty, breathtaking beaches, and oceans as blue as crystal, Bruny Island offers the perfect backdrop for a beautiful elopement to create long-lasting memories

Freycinet Lodge

This isa cozy lodge located amidst the glorious mountains of Freycinet National Park.

Stay here, and don’t even travel to your wedding location.

Everything you need in terms of natural beauty is just a sort walk out of your front door.

The Keep

The Keep is aa venue boasting a 650-metre rocky pinnacle and 360-degree view of the whole northern and eastern coastlines of the state,

This whole venue was built around rejuvenating – something you should certainly do with you new spouse after the big day.

Other places to keep in mind

Some other amazing places to elope in Tasmania include different venues in Hobart, Swansea, Ratho Farm and Thalia Haven – all beautiful places you should check out if you’re looking to elope.

Choosing the best Tasmania elopement package

Once you’ve picked your location, it’s time to get your elopement package so you can make sure everything runs perfectly.

Our team offer some of the best elopement deals in Tasmania, including an incredible private 5 area property that overlooks the Tamar River at Beauty Point.

If you’re looking for a garden-themed elopements, we also have our very own Silver Birch forest featuring incredible rustic gardens and natural private forests.

However, if you want to elope a little closer to the city of Tasmania, we also have on offer a private Cottage Carden in Longford, pretty close to the airport.

The team also offers a Rustic Apple shed for elopements, which has been be converted into a studio.

How much do Tasmanian elopement packages cost?

An elopement package with our team costs $1,395.

As part of the package, you’ll get:

  • Your very own experienced professional celebrant
  • Professional (and incredible) wedding photography from Linda Pasfield’s specialist wedding photography team
  • 300 high resolution images on a SUSB
  • Sparking glass of Tasmanian wine (which you can sip wile enjoying the state’ natural beauty)
  • A professional to complete all the complex legal paperwork for you to ensure your wedding is legally binding and recognised!

Why choose Linda Pasfield’s team as your elopement photographer?

Linda Pasfield is a professional wedding and elopement photographer knows what it takes to run a smooth wedding and have photos to capture the moment

Our photographers boast 30 years’ experience, having also won various awards including Brides Choice Tasmania in 2019 and 2022. They were also voted by couples as the Tasmania’s No. 1 Wedding Photographers for four years in a row: 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your elopement in Tasmania, don’t hesitate to reach out to Linda Pasfield today.

She can help you with recommendations for accommodation, hair, makeup, cake, flowers and so on.

or, should you prefer, use the contact form below