Port Arthur Wedding with Jenna and Lucas

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When Jenna and Lucas spoke to me about having a wedding in Tasmania at Stuarts bay Lodge in Port Arthur I was very excited. Both from Brisbane the thought of being in a unique location and spoiling their Guests with the Views, amazing views and unique locations for photography excited me. Jenna and  Lucas chose to have their Ceremony and Reception at Stuarts Bay Lodge. the day was beautiful and sunny with a soft breezes. Views were to the amazing Bay and tall cathedral trees surrounded the white sandy beaches.

The light is very different in Tasmania. Its very unique, it is softer as you go into the southern hemisphere. the colours are more sharper on the cooler scale. I like to capture real moments and creative thrown in as well directing my couples into the right light and then letting them be them selves. On the Day I chose to bring my Canon 1DX,my work horse with wide angle lens, and also my 5Dmark 111 for the colour and clarity also using it with my 2.8 pro lens allows me to take pictures with the “swirl effect” I like to call it.

Both Jenna and Lucas and their bridal Party were fun to work with, we all laughed at the fact it was very hot in Brisbane that day and we were enjoying a cooler temperature, the shawls went on the girls, but the light was crisp and the colours were amazing. Here are some of their moments.