Rain Photography: A Complete Guide to Taking Photos in the Rain

We can’t ever predict rain. You could plan the perfect garden wedding down to the last detail and wake up to nothing but sun and sky on your big day. But the next thing you know – It’s raining! It’s not out of the realm of possibility, especially with a Tasmanian wedding.

Never fear. A little rain doesn’t have to ruin your special day. A skilled photographer can take advantage of the gloomy weather to bring out a unique and romantic vibe that you can still cherish forever.

Here are my tips to take photos with a great rain aesthetic

Follow the below tips and you’ll be on your way to taking some excellent pictures even if the weather is drool.

  1. Rain-proof your gear

Your camera, lenses, and tripod are your assets. Don’t risk rushing into the rain without proper equipment – it’s not safe for you and your gear.

There are some great waterproof camera bags available out there. Or if you’re in a pinch, use a clear plastic bag! Just make sure to poke some holes in it so you can actually take proper pictures. Take extra care to dry out your equipment afterward.

  1. Experiment with the exposure triangle.

The shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are used to get the correct exposure for a great photo. You may be used to working with the usual settings for a well-lit outdoor venue or a studio, but it’s different under the rainclouds. Rainy weather makes everything look grey and melancholy – not what you’d want for a wedding day.

Your shutter speed can go from freeze to allow exposure depending on the look you’re going for. Freeze captures raindrops midair while allowing a longer exposure will make the falling rain look more dramatic.

Aperture controls the amount of light that enters the camera, which affects the depth of field shown in your photo. Using f/8 is a good starting point.

ISO affects your camera’s sensitivity to light. Higher ISO makes your photos brighter, which may be a good thing when the sky is overcast. When working with falling rain, be careful not to introduce too much noise to your photos.

  1. Lighting is everything

You can use natural lighting if you’re taking photos in the daytime or look for artificial light sources, like a streetlamp or a car’s headlights. You can even use the light to frame your subject.

The effect of backlighting during the rain is stunning. Play around with warmer light colors – they give a soft, gentle feel to your photos.

  1. Use those reflections

Even when the rain is over, you can use the puddles it left behind to take breathtaking shots. Have your couple positioned right over a puddle and include their reflection in your photo for dramatic effect. You can also use puddles for a splashing effect in the foreground of your lovely bride and groom.

  1. Keep an eye out for that elusive rainbow

It’s not impossible to have a gorgeous rainbow show up right in the middle of your shoot. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you and for your lovestruck couple. Rainbows usually form when the sun comes out while the air is still moist, meaning you’ll have the benefit of natural lighting to capture your magical moment.

No matter what weather it is, your couple’s happiness is the most important thing. They won’t let a little rain hold them back from enjoying the celebration of their love. So go ahead, let them dance in the rain, and see what happens next.

Rainy image photography is my specialty!

My name’s Linda Pasfield. I’m a professional wedding photographer, and I’ve shot some gorgeous photos in the rain at weddings across Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Tamborine. Get in touch with me if you’re looking for any neat tips on how to snap that perfect shot on a gloomy rainy day!


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