Top 5 Elopement Destinations in Tasmania

You don’t always need to have a fancy expensive wedding to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

Eloping in Tasmania is the absolute perfect for way to go. This isn’t just about “escaping” the big crowd or an expensive wedding venue. It’s about choosing to focus on what truly matters – namely, you and your love.

It’s all about shifting the focus from all the complications of a traditional wedding to the most important moment of your life.

If you’re looking into making your special day simple, fun and affordable, here are 5 incredible destinations in Tasmania that are not to be missed.


#1 Bay of Fires (#binalongbay)

A laid back coastal village where time itself slows down, the Bay of Fires is the perfect place to take in the magnificence of pure white sand, being caressed by crystal clear waters.

You will find this perfect piece of paradise resting on granite boulders, covered in burnt orange lichen. Without a doubt, the view of the crystal clear waters will take your breath away.


#2 Bridestowe Lavender Farm #bridestowelavenderfarm)

Ever wonder what 260 acres of the world’s largest lavender farm looks like? Look no further.

At the Bridestowe Lavender Farm, rows of pure French lavender stretch for 200 km in total.

Just imagine walking across these purple rows while breathing in the heavenly scent of pure lavender.

When coming here, you’ll quickly learn why lavender has been the symbol of purity, love and devotion for centuries. Its enchanting natural beauty will fill your special day with unforgettable memories, as the perfect elopement idea for you and your partner.


#3 Freycinet National Park (@freycinetlodge)

Are you an avid hiker that loves to connect with nature whenever and wherever possible? Why  not incorporate that passion into your elopement?

If that’s what you are leaning towards, then @freycinetlodge is your go to. It’s a 4-star hotel located in the Freycinet National Park – and a perfect mixture of comfort and wilderness.

At Freycinet, you’ll get to enjoy and explore the beauty of a national park. Furthermore, after a long day of your exciting adventure, cozy rooms and great service will be awaiting your return.


#4 Beauty Point, Tasmania (#beautypointtasmania)

Located in one of Tasmania’s most desired wedding destinations, it truly has it all – and is the perfect place for you to elope.

If you want a unique beach/waterfront for a proper elopement ceremony, you’ll get it.

If you’d rather have a garden-themed experience, Silver Burch forest and rustic gardens will be your favourite.

Afraid it might rain on your special day? No worries. The Rustic Apple Shed converted into a studio has you “covered”.

You can get anything your heart desires here at Beauty Point.


#5 Cradle Mountain Lodge

Cradle Mountain is the place to connect with nature on a level so deep and pure that every moment turns to magic.

This destination is the symbol of privacy. It will be just you, your partner, photographer and couple of Tasmanian Devils (if you’re lucky).

It is a sanctuary for those who want to connect on a level never felt before.


Looking for a place to elope in Tasmania?

The destinations explored in this article are absolutely fantastic choices for you if you are dedicated to filling your special day with meaning, joy and love.

More and more people are opting for an elopement as it lets you focus on being your true self and enjoy the moment without the headache of having to juggle details of a traditional wedding.

No matter what, remember that your love is the most important thing in this world. You don’t always need a fancy wedding to show it off!

Oh, and by the way, every great elopement needs a photographer. If you’re looking for a friendly, affordable and just overall awesome wedding photographer in Tasmania, I’m the one!


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