How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer

Your photographer is one of the most important persons at your wedding – that is, apart from you and your spouse-to-be. Decades after your big day, you’ll see your wedding photos and reminisce about the wonderful memories captured in each one. It would be a shame if those photos didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to check what your photos look like until after the wedding. So if you skimp on a photographer, you might end up with unprofessional and poorly-shot photos – completely ruining your post-wedding experience. Choosing the right person to capture your special day will allow you to focus on having a great time during your wedding, with peace of mind that your photos will be taken care of.

But how do you choose the best photographer for your wedding? There may seem to be endless options to choose from. Luckily, we’ve created this guide to help you narrow down your selections.

Decide on your wedding style

Your wedding should reflect your and your spouse’s personalities. Apart from your theme, you should also choose a photography style that you feel will capture your vibe.

Keep in mind that every photographer has their own unique style – though they may be versatile enough to work with different styles.

Different wedding photography styles

Traditional – Most photographers start out by taking classic shots of the couple, their wedding entourage, and details used on the day. Traditional photographers include portraits of the couple’s families and, of course, close-up shots of the cake. Though this may be the most basic style, it is timeless and classic for a reason.

Fine Art – If you want to take classy photography to a whole new level, you may want to employ a photographer who specialises in turning ordinary subjects into fine art. The results will be stunning enough to be displayed in an art gallery.

Photojournalistic – Journalists tell stories. A photographer with a background in photojournalism may be likely cover candid moments and the raw emotions that drive them. You’ll get coverage of the entire event from the eyes of a bystander with perfect timing. The results will be breathtakingly unique.

Editorial – This style is edgier and more fashionable than your traditional wedding photos. Editorial pictures are usually reserved for magazines, posters, or other advertising media. Unlike the photojournalistic style, editorial photos are not candid. Instead, they use rich detail and expert styling techniques to create powerful, dramatic images.

Adventurous – Choose this style if you’re having an outdoor wedding or if you and your spouse are particularly outdoorsy. Not all photographers are comfortable shooting in the wild, so if you opt for an adventurous wedding theme, make sure to bring the right photographer along.

Dark and Moody – No, it doesn’t have to mean glum and boring. Maybe you prefer a dark, solemn aesthetic similar to a heavy drama movie – that’s perfectly all right. All you need is the right photographer who knows how to bring your vision to life. Plus – the mood would be perfect if you end up having a wedding in the rain!

So, how do you find your dream photographer?

Get to know your photographer

Professional photographers will have an online portfolio that allows clients to browse their previous work. Though every photographer develops their own signature technique, they will still be able to work with a variety of different styles.

Look for common themes in their collections and list down details that you find intriguing. Here is your permission to stalk their page and check out every single photograph that they’ve produced. Not only will you get an idea of how they work, but you can also gain more ideas for your wedding.

Check their website for updates – this is a sign that their company is doing well in the market. Consider who their clients are, too. You don’t need to find out who their clients are, but you can probably get a hint about their personalities through their wedding themes and the details they chose to focus on.

Look for qualities that you might want to have in your own wedding. Look for couples that seem similar to you and your partner. That way, you can choose a photographer that someone like you would pick.

Contact your photographer

Reach out and ask questions about their work – artists love that! It shows that you respect them and their work enough to want to learn how to work together.

You can then execute the following steps.

Set up an in-person interview

It is very important to meet with your wedding suppliers. People present a different persona when communicating online. You may exchange lovely emails with your wedding photographer only to clash once you meet in person. Any awkwardness could seriously throw off your vibe on your wedding day (and you don’t want that!).

On the other hand, if you meet someone that you are comfortable with immediately, that will set a brilliant mood for your big day. You’ll be less self-conscious while smiling and posing for photos knowing that someone you trust is on the other side of the lens.

Set expectations

Meeting your photographer in person is also important to set expectations for your wedding day. You need to talk about details that you want to cover or boundaries that you may want to set.

Though you can send a follow-up email to make sure that your photographer has your notes, it’s good to talk about what’s really important to you and your partner.

Ask the right questions

When with your photographer, also make sure you source the following information:

Cost – You could choose the most expensive photographer with the most awards or you could go with the low-budget, brilliant yet unknown student photographer – it’s up to you! As long as they are giving you your money’s worth

Make sure that you are clear with all the fees upfront. Some photographers may charge more for editing, travel, or additional artwork without discussing it beforehand. Specify all services and fees in your contract to avoid any surprises.

Experience – The most experienced photographers are not necessarily the most talented, but then again, talent is not everything.

Photographers who have been working for several years may be more disciplined and have better time management than newbies. In time-sensitive events like weddings, this is a crucial factor. They’ll also know how to help you pose for your wedding photos perfectly, while still making you look completely natural.

Recommendations – Word of mouth is the most reliable way to find great photographers. Satisfied clients will be more than happy to share their amazing experiences with their wedding suppliers. Yet, the opposite is true as well. Unhappy clients will nitpick at every unpleasant detail.

Vibe check – As we mentioned, your wedding photographer should be someone you can trust and relate to. You could be anxious or nervous on your wedding day and working with an indifferent photographer may just send you over the edge.

Be sure to find someone that you think can help you calm down and smile. Someone who can make your little niece laugh. Or someone who can gather all your grandparents together for a toothy group photo.

Conclusion – finding the best photographer for your wedding

The perfect photographer for you is out there somewhere. All it takes is a good amount of research and a little bit of courage.

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